A collection of media articles about the projects I've been involved in (in reverse cronological order):

  1. Interviul serii (the evening's interview, in Romanian), by George Popescu Radio Romania Actualitati, December 8, 2009
  2. Welcome To the World of Cryptographic Voting Dr. Dobb's, November 19, 2009
  3. Open-Source-Lösung prüft Wählerstimmen (in German) Der Standard, November 08, 2009
  4. Maryland Voters Test New Cryptographic Voting System, by Kim Zetter Wired, November 04, 2009; Also on Slashdot ; yNet (in Hebrew); TechDirt
  5. Takoma Park Voters Use New System, All Things Considered WAMU 88.5, November 04, 2009
  6. E-voting system lets voters verify their ballots are counted, By Jaikumar Vijayan Computerworld, November 03, 2009
  7. New Voting Technology Makes Debut In Takoma Park, Matt Bush reports for WAMU 88.5 News, November 3, 2009
  8. Literary Detective: On The Trail Of Invisible Ink, NPR , September 5, 2009
  9. 25C3: Kryptografische Krücken für das E-Voting? (in German), by Richard Sietmann, Heise , December 29 2008
  10. Star Spangled GWU - Research, by Jaime Ciavarra, GW Magazine , Fall/Winter 2008
  11. International GW Students Test Invisible Ink Voting System in Mock Election, by Julia Parmley, BY GEORGE , December 2008
  12. Reform and discipols (in Romanian-Reforma si discipoli), by Petru Tomegea, Obiectiv de Suceava , November 26, 2008. Also in "Revista 22" December 2-8, 2008.
  13. Jurnal 19 (evening news, in Romanian), by Mihai Melinescu, TVR - Romanian National Public Televission , November 9, 2008
  14. Foreign students demonstrate new voting system, by Gabriella Schwarz, GWHatchet , November 6, 2008
  15. Geek the Vote 2012: What Election Tech Will Look like 4 Years From Now, By Erik Sofge Popular Mechanics November 4, 2008.
  16. Observator 19 (evening news, in Romanian), by Alessandra Stoicescu, Antena 1 November 4, 2008.
  17. Focus 19 (evening news, in Romanian), by Nicoleta Gavrila, Prima TV November 3, 2008.
  18. 'Voter-Verifiable' Voting System Ensures Accuracy And Privacy, Science Daily October 27, 2008.
  19. New Voter Counter System Uses Encrypted Codes, Invisible Ink, by Rosanne Skirble Voice of America TV, radio, web, October 24, 2008.
  20. A really secret ballot, The Economist, October 22, 2008.
  21. Electronic voting faces a backslash, by Heather Cobun, The Washington Times,October 22, 2008.
  22. George Washington University Helps Devise New Voting System,[text] by Matt Bush WAMU 88.5 news NPR local station, October 22, 2008.
  23. Vote verification processes lacking in swing states, by Benjamin Miraski, MEDILL Reports, Washington, October 22, 2008.
  24. "Voter-Verifiable" Voting System Ensures Accuracy and Privacy, Newswise , October 22, 2008.
  25. Class voting hacks prompt call for better audits, by Bryn Nelson, MSNBC, October 20, 2008.
  26. The U.S. should ban paperless electronic voting machines, Point/Counterpoint by David Dill and Daniel Castro, Communications of the ACM, Vol. 51, No.10, October 2008.
  27. Assuring Your Vote Counts [mp3], by Randy Atkins, WTOP radio, September 14, 2008
  28. Protecting Your Vote With Invisible Ink, by Melissa Lafsky, DISCOVER Magazine, September 2008.
  29. Click Here For President: The Future of Voting in America, By Adam Hunter, MSN News, August 2008.
  30. Flawless Vote Counts, By Matt Mahoney, Technology Review, Published by MIT, September/October 2008.
  31. Canadian voting machine enters American political machine, Rosie Lombardi InterGovWorld.com MARCH 27, 2008.
  32. Down for the Count By Laurie Rowell, ACM NetWorker Magazine, vol. 12.1, pp. 17-23, MARCH 2008.
  33. Shift Back to Paper Ballots Sparks Disagreement by Pam Fessler National Public Radio, Morning Edition, March 7, 2008
  34. A Damaging Paper Chase In Voting By Timothy J. Ryan Washington Post Saturday, September 8, 2007; Page A15
  35. Voter Oversight Richard Sietmann Heise's Computertechnik (c't) article on Scantegrity (in German), c't 19/2007, S. 84: E-Voting
  36. US/Canada Team Wins Voting Machine Competition By Kim Zetter Wired's Threat Level blog article on Punchscan and VoComp, July 19, 2007
  37. Electronic Democracy Digital Planet BBC World Service January 22, 2007
  38. Making Every E-vote Count by Steven Cherry IEEE Spectrum January 2007
  39. Graduate students create voting system with paper trail, by Nick Profeta, GWHatchet , December 7, 2006
  40. Transparent and Open Voting with Punchscan Security Catalyst audio interview with Stefan, Aleks, Jeremy and Rick, December 2006
  41. Romanian living in the US, inovating voting. Florin Ionescu - Our World Romanian National Radio (in Romanian), Nov. 8, 2006
  42. Computer scientists and mathematicians look for better ways to vote Peter Weiss Science News Online, Week of Nov. 4, 2006; Vol. 170, No. 19 , p. 298
  43. People and Pencils Bram Verneer NRC Handelsblad Punchscan article in top Dutch newspaper (in Dutch)